The Encircling Project   

A pilgrim travels differently  


There is an intensity of emotion, of connection, an altered state, we are free of the trappings of our day to day life, which builds around us into a numinous cloak colouring our thoughts and actions.  The intention set and permissions granted, the journey itself transforms us as we make our way along the path. 


The  French “pelerinage” and English  “pilgrimage" , comes to us via the Latin peregrinus   - per, “through” and  - ager, “ field"  or “ land ” giving  us that feeling of motion and progression. The Islamic hajj is based on a pilgrimage route that was ancient even in the 7th century and before becoming specifically an act of unity, obedience and renewal  the word meant simply "to go". Pilgrimage is a two way street, not only is the pilgrim influenced and transformed by the path, but the path and the surrounding environment are also affected.

           "In addition to man and other forms of life, the earth also has a subtle body

which manifests at various ‘chakra points’. These are sometimes linked across its surface

by ancient sacred routes, some of which became pilgrim routes in Christian times...

where ancient earth chakra systems have been recognized since early times

there is a direct correlation between spiritual reality and legend.”                      

S. Francke:  2007 : 90

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